Dear Liberty Families,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

This year the Liberty Elementary School PTA and Texas PTA invites you to “back the future” of our students, school, and community!  So, what does “back the future” mean? For the Liberty Elementary PTA, it means that the success of our students and school is our #1 priority, and you are all welcome to join us in providing a positive impact on our student’s future! This year will be one unlike any other in the history of our school, and our goal is to continue providing educational enrichment and teacher support as in past years but we will need your input on how to best do that, and your support and assistance!  

So, what does the PTA do and why does it matter? Last year, thanks to the incredible support from parents, teachers, staff, and the community, the Liberty Elementary PTA was able to raise funds to provide over $37,500 to fulfill the needs of our staff, provide campus improvement, and provide additional student enrichment events and services to our school. This included direct support for our teachers (both physical classroom items and technological programs),  local scholarship contributions, Health & Wellness programs, as well as numerous student enrichment events such as Multicultural Night, Veterans Day Program, STEAM Night, Preschool Storytime,  and many more!

As a PTA, we are truly a partnership between Liberty Elementary School and the families within. We help parents and other caregivers stay informed about school happenings and important campus news, and also serve as an united voice to our local and state leadership. In addition to staying up to date on our PTA at we also encourage everyone to join our Facebook page at  Once registered through our website, you will also receive important PTA announcements and reminders via email so be sure to keep an eye out for those.  We know this school year will look different, however we are committed to helping you feel connected and informed!

As you can expect, the upcoming school year will be rife with new challenges as we navigate the pandemic. Liberty Elementary PTA wants you to know that we support  all students and families in Liberty Elementary, whether you have chosen In-Person Instruction or Remote Instruction. All families, community members, and businesses that want to be involved in molding our year are welcome to join us! We, along  with Texas PTA, are committed to ensuring the best education for all students. On the state front,  2021 is a legislative year and Texas PTA will be at the capitol, advocating for our students and teachers.  Join the PTA today to ensure your voice is among those advocating for our community.  Everyone can back the future, because anyone can join the PTA.  #YouCanPTA  We hope you will join us now at

If you have any questions, reach out any time. We’re here to help.

Sarah Noble

Liberty Elementary PTA President 2020-2021