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One of the easiest ways for our school to earn money is by collecting box tops.  
Liberty has averaged over $2000 a year from box tops alone.  Our goal for this school year is $3000.  Please check the expiration dates before sending in your box tops.  The dates need to be current and have not expired.  You may glue or tape the box tops on the form (please no staples). You may also send them in a baggie. To insure that your child receives a prize, please have your child’s name and their teacher’s name included on form.  
Feel free to visit the website for a listing of eligible items at
.  Please log on and sign up to become a Liberty Elementary supporter.  
I look forward to counting thousands of box tops this year!

Tonya Wuertemberger, Special Projects Chairman

Monthly Contests:

September - Entire School

October - 4th Grade

November - 3rd Grade

January - 2nd Grade

February - 1st Grade

March - Kindergarten

April - Entire School


#StartWithaSmile at for your holiday gifts and Amazon donates to PTA Texas Congress Liberty Elementary PTA.