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The Apex Fun Run is coming to our school on Monday, September 18th!

Thank you for your support of Liberty Elementary and the investments you make in your children’s lives. We are so excited to introduce you to this semester’s only major fundraiser, the Apex Fun Run!  The Apex Fun Run will last for 2 weeks and will kick off with a Pep Rally on Monday, September 18th at 2:00pm

Please look for your child’s Pledge Kit that they will receive on that day.  We will also have emails coming from your teachers.  Please feel free to visit to hear about this interactive program that helps schools all over the country raise money, while promoting leadership and fitness in the classroom.  This year's character theme is UNITED! Students will join the Apex team in an exciting adventure to discover what it means to become UNITED as a group and value each others differences.

  • Learn!
  • Engage!
  • Give!
  • Empower!
  • Never Quit!
  • Do!

During the Apex Fun Run program students are challenged to get pledges for the laps they will run on Thursday, September 28th, to help our school.  Students will run for 30 minutes and average 26-36 laps, with the maximum amount of laps being 36 (each lap is 1/16th of a mile).  Sponsors can pledge $1, $2, $5 per lap or any other amount for each lap students run.  All students will receive an access code that allows you to enter pledges online.  Funds raised this year will go to the school to pay for Instructional Supplies & Teacher Grants!

The Apex Fun Run program is for every student regardless of financial giving.  All students will receive Apex wrist bands, Apex race-day jerseys, team awards and participate in the Fun Run itself.  We invite all parents to come to the Apex Fun Run and share in this great event!  The times for the Apex Fun Run are as follows:

  • Fun Run 1: Thursday, September 28th @ 8:15am for Kindergarten & 1st Grade
  • Fun Run 2: Thursday, September 28th  @ 9:15am for 2nd & 3rd Grade
  • Fun Run 3: Thursday, September 28th @ 10:15am for 4th Grade


You can help our school be successful in the following four ways:

  • Help connect your child to potential sponsors (family/friends) to acquire pledges.
  • Ask your child about the “Apex LEGENDs” character lessons, and download the FREE “Apex Fun Run” App!
  • Come to the Apex Fun Run and remember to invite others to attend the big event.
  • Help volunteer for the race! We need a few parents to help cheer on students, mark laps and fill water cups.  If you would like to volunteer for your student’s fun run, please contact Lenora Prichard at

Thank you again for your continued support—we are so excited to begin this journey with you!


Apex Fun Run – Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Pledge Per Lap and Flat Donation?

Pledge Per Lap means that you pledge a dollar amount for every lap that your student completes at the Apex Fun Run (students average between 26-36 laps, not more than 36). For example, if a student runs 30 laps and you pledge $1 per lap you would donate $30. Flat Donation means that you pledge to pay a flat amount regardless of how many laps your student runs.

How are the awards calculated and earned by each student?

The awards are given to each student based on the pledge per lap amount raised.  Flat donations can also help students reach awards: $30 of flat donations is considered to be equal to $1 pledged per lap. So if someone gave $60 flat donation to the student, it would result in $2 pledged per lap increase and prize level.

Who do I write checks to? What if we receive cash early?
The money is due after the race.  Please make sure to write all checks out to the Liberty PTA.  If you receive money before the race, just keep it in a safe place in the front office until the Collection meeting with the Apex team.


When is the money due?

All funds are due as soon as possible after the Apex Fun Run.  All sponsors who pledged per lap or flat donations can pay online at any time, or can pay after the race.  All other sponsors can either pay from the “payment due” email they receive after the race, or they can place cash and checks in the student’s collection envelope and bring back to their teacher. Collection envelopes will be given to students after the fun run.


What do we do with pledges if students miss the fun run?

If any student is absent, sick or hurt, they will receive an automatic 30 laps minimum on the system.  This will allow the sponsors to pay their donations online or cash/check if they still want to help the school (which most do).  For all top prizes ($30 & $50 per lap), students will need to run at least 26 laps and collect the funds before being awarded those prizes.


My student didn’t receive a pledge kit?  What should I do?

You can talk to your Apex Team Leader and they will add the student to the Apex system, generate an access code and give the student a pledge kit.