2016-2017 Volunteer of the Month


September - Yvonne Bywater

She managed the Book Fair during Grandparent's Day, helps in the office, makes grade level copies, and always lends a hand wherever is needed.

Nominated by:  Mrs. Toal


October -Neisha Watson

Neisha sees a need and meets it.   “She supplied a pumpkin pie for our class to “taste” for the 5 senses investigation.  We did not have a copy mom one week and she came up to help.  She also organizes things for our classroom.”  Thank you for all of our help!

Nominated By:  Mrs. Miles



November - Linda Loy 

“Mrs. Loy continues to be a faithful weekly volunteer at Liberty even after her granddaughter has moved to middle school.  Mrs. Loy is a retired teacher.  The students LOVE her!  She is a wonderful tutor and helps with group projects.” 

 Nominated By:  Mrs. Brogan



December - Nancy Cook 

Nancy stepped up to organize and implement the “Elves are Coming to Liberty” project.  She found a specific way each staff member could be blessed and then made sure there was someone to bless them.  She spent a large amount of time making sure this went off seamlessly.  Thank you for giving of your time and your attention to detail!!  You are appreciated!!!

Nominated By:  Amy Blueitt



January - Dawn Webb 

“Dawn comes up on a weekly basis when her toddlers are at Mother’s Day Out. I have sent things home for her to cut out. She attends every classroom event. She even helped each student in the class to create a paper maché sun or moon for a research project.” Thank you for going above and beyond and serving our students! You are appreciated!!!

Nominated By: Mrs. Crounse